Why are you paying for online ordering?

FoodRun is the only service to provide totally free menu listing and online ordering for your restaurant.

no setup. no commission. no fees.

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Some of the Benefits of Using FoodRun

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    The Only Free Online Ordering

    You read right! FoodRun is the totally free alternative to the big guys offering a no setup and commission free ordering system for takeout and delivery food for your restaurant.

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    Get Started Today

    In as little as 24 hours, we can have your menu on the FoodRun portal and your restaurant ready to process a whole new stream of income from takeout orders.

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    Get Paid Now

    FoodRun is built on the ideals that the best service is one that doesnt get in the way. No messy payouts, merchant accounts or checks to hunt in the mail for. You get paid when you serve food to your customer - simple as that!

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    Preferred by Users

    Our users have spoken - FoodRun is the most appealing takeout food discovery service offering an unprecdented level of new revenue opportunities for your restaurant.

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    Social Integration

    FoodRun turns conversations into conversaions and functions like a social marketing department that you never have to pay for. Orders on FoodRun are automatically posted on Facebook turning your customers connections into prospective customers.

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    Easy Mobile

    Dont worry about hiring the neighbors kid to build you a website and an app - we’ve already got your covered. FoodRun is available on iPhone and Android devices which means your menu is seen by more people than ever.

See the Difference for Yourself

FoodRun Them
FREE Cost $100/month+
0% Commission 10-15%
ok Social Integration Nope
1 Day Turnaround 5-10 Business Days
Daily Payout Monthly

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